IT'S SIMPLY ELEMENTAL: 4th Annual Witches High Tea

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4th Annual Witches High Tea

New Date: April 21st, 2018

Music by Eric Matyas

Everyone’s welcome to gather with the good witches of If The Broom Fits as we open to the realm of the faerie folk and the lighter side half of the year  Join us for a magickal afternoon of colorful costumes, food, drink, socializing, contests and prizes as well as an all-around revelry that can only be found at our Witches High Tea!

According to most practitioners of the Craft, all physical and spiritual matter—the spiritual essence, if you like—are made up of one or more elements. 

Earth is the essence of fertility and solidarity; it nourishes, binds and gives form.

Air the essence of intelligence, which liberates and stimulates.                                    

Fire is the essence of passion, strength and defense that animates and activates.

Water is the essence of emotions and fertility making things malleable and flexible. 

Spirit, the celestial form sent by the Divine beings the “Goddess and God”, the 5th element is sometimes referred to as Akasha.

The qualities of any of these elements can be expressed through art, music, writing, religion, healing, magick and ritual.  For 2018, this is exactly what we will do for the Witches High Tea . . . express ourselves through vibrant costumes designed around the elements for which we feel an affinity.   In keeping with this theme, we will also include the moon and stars along with the sun.  (You can’t have elements without the moon and sun.)

Costumes are encouraged.  Be elaborate, be imaginative and be different.  You don’t have to be a witch to attend.  So delve deep into the genres of Fantasy, Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian, Faerie lore etc. Within the many element(al) facets.

Now, SAVE THE DATE, April 21st, 2018and put on your creative conical, grab your potions, crystal balls, brooms, familiars—whatever helps you—and get to work on your costume for If The Broom Fits, 2018 Witches High Tea.






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Special Appearance By

Oberon Zell, Wizard and Elder





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